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Since I'm fairly new to the That 70's Show fandom and I didn't have a chance to watch the DVD version of the series with the official commentary to the episodes or anything and I couldn't find any interviews with the writers concerning this topic, I would like to ask you if you know:

According to the scriptwriters, the director or the producers of That 70's show, why Jackie and Hyde had to be broken up?

And okay, I already know that the answer will be crap :) but I have to say I'm really curious how those poor bastards defended themselves about their reasons.

Sorry for making you relieve the horribleness that was the end of Season 7 and whole Season 8!
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Wilmer you say? Really? I've never heard of that! Could you tell me something more? :) (Huh, it does remind me of the way Kirsten Bell supposedly influenced the writers of Veronica Mars which resulted in the ending hated by most of the fandom.)

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Wow. If that's the case I totally understand where he comes from but really, it would be so much easier to make him less of a pervert and introduce some new character for him to date :)

Thanks for answering my post!

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I haven't listened to all the commentaries but I don't think they mention anything concrete. I listened to a few commentaries for season eight and they mention the breakup but I don't think they ever really say why. I can't remember. They just mention that there is still tension between the two, or something, it's been a while.

What I do know is that, from interviews up to season six, when they talk about Jackie and Hyde (this, I'm assuming is before season seven and eight are shot, or while they are filming season seven), it always seemed like they were endgame. Like they weren't going to break up or anything.

I started getting into That '70s Show last year around this time, so I came late to the series as well. I'm embarrassed to say how upset I was, initially, that these two didn't end up together in the series. But I do believe that, if the series had gone on, they would have gotten back together. That's what I tell myself to make me feel better at least.
So they don't even know why? I was counting on same lame excuse I make myself feel better with. I managed to find a two-minute commentary on one of the season 3 episodes on YouTube. David Trainer talked about Jackie and Michael, how their relationship was falling apart and even though we were at the very-early-an-not-even-that-serious stage of Jackie and Hyde, he did say something like Hyde being the better, more mature alternative for Jackie. It would be really cool if up to season 6 they did think of Jackie and Hyde as the final deal. That way I can pretend the writers were kidnapped by brain-eating zombies or something like that :)

I know what you mean about this whole being too upset thing :( The last episodes of season 7 are the worst for me because it really looks like Jackie and Hyde are going to make it. Even Kelso making them Betsy's godparents seems to be this huge sign saying: "Meant to be, won't be broken up!" Gah! Getting our hopes up was evil. And Danny is so cute when he plays Hyde thinking about getting married.

World's not fair.
I'm sure they know why, they just don't talk about it. There was probably a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes (such as the Wilmer rumor) and the relationship between Hyde and Jackie is a tricky one to play out. I do believe, though, that the intent at the end of the seventh season was to have in merely be a cliffhanger, and try to get the two of them back together by the middle or end of the next season. I don't think that the end of season seven was meant in any way to be the nail in the coffin of their relationship that it was. I mean, even at the start of season eight, it looks as if the two are on the road to rekindling their relationship, finally talking about their real feelings and expectations, finding some common ground, and then, BAM, Sam's there.

Season eight hurt to watch, it really did, but there is some hope for the future in it. I was able to get through all of it, but barely. First off, Hyde and Jackie obviously still care about each other, otherwise they wouldn't have been so angry at one another. David Trainer even says in a commentary that there is still tension between the two of them. In the episode where they are searching for Mrs. Foreman's ring, they have some not-really-cute-but-still-interesting interaction where Hyde offers to help her across the stream, even though she falls in both times and he thinks it's hilarious.

As for Fez, he is in no way a threat to their relationship. It's logical that Jackie would go for Fez after the break-up with Hyde. Hyde and Jackie really, really hurt each other, and Jackie wanted a safe place to be after that. So she goes to Fez. She even says that she thought he would be the one person who wouldn't hurt her. I mean, they even have a hard time kissing because it's so weird, and unholy, and unnatural. Plus, Fez is totally in love with Kelso. Last episode of the series especially highlights this, even though what he did to the water tower was an "accident".

Plus, at the end we have Kelso and Hyde teasing Fez because he's the last of the three to hook up with her. A lot of people take this as the writers poking fun at Jackie and her being with all three of the boys. I, personally, see it as the guys trying to take Fez down a peg. I mean, Fez is so happy to have finally kissed Jackie. Kelso still likes Jackie, and I firmly believe that Hyde does as well, so they rag on him.

Anyways, after I finished season eight, I was in a really bad place with the show, but my Bachelors in English kicked in and I began to form an argument as if I was forming an essay, to make myself feel better and to convince myself that, in the future, Jackie and Hyde will be together again. It could very well be a bunch of crazy, but it's convinced me at least. So I can finally move on and not be horribly upset at a fictional couple not being together.

Lastly, I gotta say that I'm pretty sure those involved in the show realize that the whole eighth season was largely a mistake. I think Danny Trainer mentions that the show went on for a season too long. Or something to that effect. And I really do agree. No just because of Hyde and Jackie, but because of Kelso being gone for the most part. I even missed Eric, and I didn't even think I liked him as a character...

Anyways, sorry for the huge reply. I just get talking sometimes and have a hard time shutting up :3 I still love to talk about That '70s Show!!

Long replies are good, great even! I came to the fandom very recently and "discovering" a fandom everybody is already over with is a little bit sad because it seems like everything had been said and done and I still need to talk about the show :)

I haven't seen the last three episodes because I couldn't see on TV and since I knew what was going to happen I really didn't have the motivation to download them and YouTube blocked them in my country so yeah. YouTube's such a racist! :) Anyway, I have to say that I really enjoyed those episodes when Hyde talked about Jackie. I don't remember which ones they were but there's this scene with Hyde and Randy looking for a baggie somewhere in Formans' house and when an alarm goes off, Hyde's all: Huh, it reminds of Jackie. Seriously, maybe I'm just a pathetic human being but that was actually something in love with Jackie!Hyde would say - while dating her. I also found the episode with the ring searching very interesting because you could seriously cut the tension with a knife. So I do see some Jackie/Hyde accents in Season 8, too.

I can also understand Jackie's crush on Fez because you're totally right about her searching a safe relationship and with that childish list she made Fez was a given but I have to say my other (besides, you know, ruining my favourite pairing stuff) issues with Jackie being with Fez is that I just know they wouldn't make it and I feel really sorry for Fez. Of course the ideal ending would be with both of them deciding they are better of as friends because them dating is more than a little "eww!" but still. Fez is just so unlucky in love! If you don't count Kelso :) Plus, Fez is totally in love with Kelso. I love you for saying that! :)

It also makes sense that Jackie would fall for the last male, non-Eric member of the group - she really hasn't dated outside their little circle, she's never dated anyone who wasn't already her friend and I think that meeting new people could be very hard for her. It would be more fun to watch on the show than her dating Fez but still.

On some level Jackie trying to date Fez seems logical. Her being with Fez in a serious and stable relationship - not so much, but we didn't see that on the show so we can suspect that never happened. But another problem with Fez was how much I didn't like the way he was written in Season 8. I mean, okay, he was the comic relief type of a character and just like Kelso wasn't supposed to grow too much or change drastically but I hated how they made him such an unbelievable pervert. And because of that I didn't buy Jackie/Fez even in the innocent crush categories because damn, he was disgusting by the time she started liking him!

Yeah, maybe if Topher and Ashton didn't leave the show, there wouldn't be a need to introduce new characters and everything would be fine?

However, I do think that Season 8 could do without the whole drama - I mean, it a sitcom, it's allowed to be little more fluffy than real life!

It's good we still have fanfiction :)
I have nothing of value to add because I haven't watched the commentaries. I was reading the comments to see if there had been any explanation because I truly expected Hyde and Jackie to be endgame as well.

However, since you mentioned fanfic and that you were new to the fandom, I'd like to point you towards my favorite J/H epic that made living with season 8 less painful: November Rain. It's long, but it's complete and it's perfect.
Thank you! I've read other stories by luvcali and I loved them! I didn't start November Rain because it's really long and I have midterms but I've heard about it and I can't wait to read it :) I also love tanith's "Season 8 Redo" - yes, it's cute and it's fluffy but I don't care, dammit! It's what I'd like to watch instead of the real Season 8 :)

If we're reccing things I can only say that I have some good stories on my favourites list in my profile and here. I do know that most of them are really popular but I also tried to find things less known in the fandom... I can honestly recommend all of them :)
this was posted FOREVER ago but i just wanted to add my 2 cents that might make you feel a little better - i haven't watched commentaries but i do know that on a radio show that danny did, he was asked what he thought about the jackie/hyde break up, and he said he really hated it and didn't think it should have happened. i know it's not much, but it's at least something to show that the actors themselves didn't really like it either! to be honest, i would have liked it if jackie didn't end up with a guy at the end of the show - for her to be single for a while since she's always been so dependent on a guy, and then down the road, for her to reconnect with hyde. :') ugh i just love them so much!